Citation Gang (2024)

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Trailer and Date of Release:

The official release date of “Quotation Gang” is May 2024. Fans and industry observers are anxiously awaiting an update, as the precise date has not yet been disclosed.

The official trailer, which was published in 2023 and received over a million views on YouTube, created a lot of attention. The action-packed scenes, powerful language, and quick-cut shots offered an exciting look at the movie’s setting. The audience was captivated by the trailer and left wanting more.


  • Jackie Shroff: The seasoned actor, renowned for his strong performances, has an unspecified major role in the movie.
  • Sunny Leone: Leone makes a dramatic change from her previous work by stepping away from her typical attractive parts and assuming a strong and action-oriented character.
  • Priyamani: Praised for her versatility, the award-winning actress gives a nuanced, multi-layered performance that deepens the storyline of the movie.
  • Sara Arjun: Arjun, who has a significant supporting role, enhances the narrative with her skill and charisma on screen.
  • Ashraf Mallissery, Jayaprakash, and others: Veteran performers complete the group, adding their gravitas and expertise to the picture.


Although the actual storyline is yet unknown, the 2023 teaser provided a glimpse into the brutal and grim universe of the movie. It made references to a violent gang that operated in the criminal underworld, intricate power relationships, and brutality. According to early sources, the story will be driven by themes of betrayal, retaliation, and the struggle for survival, which will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Budget and Box Office:

Forecasting a movie’s box office results is always a risky business. Nonetheless, “Quotation Gang” has the ability to draw a sizable audience given its star power, captivating idea, and action-packed genre. The anticipated budget of the film is between ₹20 and 30 crore, which is deemed reasonable for a Tamil film with well-known stars.

Last Thoreau:

“Quotation Gang” possesses every element necessary for a commercial picture to succeed: an engrossing plot, a gifted cast, and an accomplished director. The excitement for the movie is palpable, even if the plot’s specifics are yet unknown. “Quotation Gang,” which is scheduled for release in May 2024, is expected to be a big player in the Tamil film industry and will provide viewers with an exciting cinematic experience.

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