Guernsey protest march against education proposals

Protest in Guernsey

About 2,500 people have taken part in a protest against education proposals in Guernsey.

Teachers and politicians have spoken out against approved changes to the secondary education system which involves a one-school-two-sites model.

A motion to delay the approved changes has been signed by seven signatories.

The committee for education, sport and culture said delaying the changes would “inevitably lead to years of further uncertainty”.

The protesters said they wanted to show that it was not a vocal minority who have supported the motion to rethink the secondary education proposals.

A petition against the one-school model has received 5,478 signatures.

Protest in Guernsey
Image captionThe signatories believe a one-year delay would ensure the best model of secondary education is chosen

Starting at North Beach car park, the peaceful protest went past the Liberation Monument and the Prince Albert Memorial. Four speeches took place at the Market Square.

One of the speakers, Andrew Ward, a parish constable for St Andrews said: “Deputy Matt Fallaize [President of ESC] should listen to us [and] not go on personal crusades.”

The parish councillor also said he hopes the “voice of the people will be heard and listened to”.

Dept Fallaize previously told the BBC it was “irresponsible” for politicians to try and stop the reforms.