Mental Triggers as Customer Service Techniques

We already know that quality customer service is important for the success of any business. But how to use mental triggers in this operation?

Good service is a determining factor in attracting and retaining new consumers, it decides the future of your company. Mental triggers can be an excellent tool for this. Check out!

Gatilhos mentais como técnicas de atendimento ao cliente – Agência Pomar

What are mental triggers?

Mental triggers can be defined as a series of techniques that are applied with the intention of convincing an individual to take some action.

In relation to companies, this can be done through targeted information that is capable of meeting the need for it.

The importance of mental triggers in customer service is to convince the person to take an action that creates value for your brand. You achieve this through changes and adaptations in the arguments that will be used throughout the conversation.

How to apply mental triggers?

Applying triggering techniques can help increase sales and satisfy your audience by making them take certain actions, such as requesting a purchase, for example.

Types of Mental Triggers

There are types of mental triggers that can be used both in telephone service, in person and even in search engines when the person is looking for a solution to their problem.

Check out some:

  • Scarcity: Aims to produce the feeling of need in the consumer;
  • Urgency: The aim is to make the consumer act quickly when deciding to purchase a product or service;
  • Authority: Shows that your business is authority in what it does;
  • Reciprocity: Shows that the company cares about the person and their needs;
  • Social proof: Through testimonials, it can prove its effectiveness.

Use this technique to influence the purchase decision

In sales, interaction with the future customer becomes a great ally when closing a deal and the use of mental triggers makes the consumer’s mind take “shortcuts” when making a choice.

In addition, your brand must have something of quality and a trigger that makes the recipient of the message visit your website and also purchase what is offered, whether it is a product, service or message.

A good copywriter or company that specializes in producing content using mental triggers can create a consistent project for you.

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Success and until next time!