The Best Prepaid Card Westein

The Best Prepaid Card Westein

In the modern world, more and more people prefer cashless payments. It’s convenient and safe – you don’t need to carry cash with you to make purchases, services or other banking transactions. A multi-factor identification system allows you not to worry about your funds. Especially when it comes to your children, to whom you give money for expenses. Our company WestStein offers to order a prepaid Mastercard for your child on favorable terms.

WestStein children’s virtual card: the best option for schoolchildren

Holders of online accounts in our company have the opportunity to issue up to 3 cards, including a teenage virtual mastercard card. Please note that debit cards are available for children aged 13 and over. Already at this age, parents are transferring their children from pocket bills to virtual bills. Teach financial literacy from childhood so that children can not only count how much they have spent, but also be able to save.A children’s debit card has many different features. It is tied to a mobile device, with the help of which a student can make purchases online, pay in cafes, shops, top up, receive and transfer to another card. You, as a parent, can control your child’s expenses, since the virtual card for children is linked to the parent’s account. Its presence instills, from adolescence, the habits of proper money management, which will be indispensable already in the older period of life.

Virtual card for a teenager: main advantages

The WestStein prepaid virtual card is an excellent investment in the future. Our company cares about the security of customer data, their financial savings, and the quality of service. You no longer need to worry about your schoolchildren running out of money at the most inopportune time. The instant money transfer service makes it possible to very quickly send or receive the required amount at any time and wherever you are.If you lose it, you can easily block it and subsequently issue a new one. This is a very important point, because in this case no one will use your funds, and they will be fully returned to the new one. Also, another big plus is that the teenager no longer needs to carry banknotes with him. To fully use them, you only need a smartphone. If you have questions, our consultants will provide competent advice in a way convenient for you.