Trendy Blouse designs to style in this summer

Trendy Blouse designs to style in this summer

High collar neck blouse design with heavy embroidery

This collar neck design is perfect for those women, who are a little on the heavier side. It will hide the extra fat and flab on the breasts. What’s more, it renders the saree a classical look. You should consider getting yourself this blouse if you are a fan of embroidered blouses since it has a lot of embroidery on it, particularly around the neck and the arms.

High chinese collar neck blouse design with sequins

Not only is the front open collar neck design stylish but it will also go well with lehengas as well as sarees. You can make this either with a material that contrasts with the saree or with the same coloured saree but that is made of a different material. The blouse is rich in sequins and has a Chinese collar that would accentuate your look by making you look young.

Boat neck Chinese collar neck blouse design for lehengas and sarees

Not only does a boat neck collar design accentuate the beauty of the neck but it also makes look attractive. This blouse will go well both with lehengas as well as with sarees. The full sleeves of this blouse will help cover your arms, especially if you are on the heavier side. Blouses with a boat neck collar design are also known for their simplicity. These blouses will not draw much attention towards you, especially if you are introverted. The boat neck designs collar blouses will render your saree a classical or a vintage look.

High Chinese neck collar blouse design with quarter sleeves

You could wear this velvet blouse that has a high neck collar design with chiffon, net lehengas, and even with sarees that have been made from any other materials. The embroideries on this blouse will add to the glamour and the beauty of any saree. If you want to give your saree a formal look, then this is the right blouse for you.