10 Country Pavilions That You Shouldn’t Miss at Expo 2020 Dubai!

There are countless reasons to visit Dubai at any time of the year. Expo Dubai 2020 is the biggest reason to visit the city RIGHT NOW! Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event that has brought 192 countries together to promote sustainability, opportunities and mobility. You can witness the best of technology, architecture, science and culture here. That’s not it, there are loads of flavourful dishes from all around the world and immersive activities to cherish forever.


1. Azerbaijan- Seeds for the Future


The pavilion of Azerbaijan is inspired by nature. Get mesmerised by the 1,300 sqm garden that is created under an air cushion roof to keep the pavilion cool in the high temperatures of the Arabian desert. Cultural performances from the south Caucasus region of Azerbaijan are something not to miss out here!

2. Philippines- Bangkóta

Built in the style of Bangkóta, the coral reef in the Philippines, the pavilion of the Philippines is all about openness, meaningful interaction and connections. The architecture is mind-blowing and it’s a good pick for nature lovers. Do try some Filipino cuisine, admire the art and the music. It is the biggest pavilion of the Philippines in any exhibition ever!

3. Canada- The Future in Mind


Join us on an immersive journey through the past, present and future of Canada to understand how the nation was built. The stunning pavilion of Canada is one of the most fascinating pavilions in the Expo 2020! The fabulous wooden facade is inspired by the Canadian landscape and the architecture is influenced by the Middle-Eastern style. See the story of Canada unfold in front of you at the 360-degree theatre and treat yourself to the most delightful night views of the Expo 2020!


4. India- 75 Years of Independence

India’s 8,750 sqm pavilion is aesthetically pleasing and massive. The 360-degree recreation of the country’s past, present and future is the best thing about the pavilion. The theme of the pavilion is the 75th anniversary of the nation’s independence. You can also check out various arts and cultural activities here. If you are a movie buff, you are in for a treat. You can watch 100 regional films here! If you want to try some authentic Indian dishes from all parts of the country, then this is where you should be.

5. Bahrain- Density as Opportunity


The beautifully constructed pavilion of Bahrain serves exceptionally lip-smacking delicacies but with a twist. The live weaving stations, gift shop and the theme of population density as an opportunity make it an interesting pavilion to behold. Learn about the Bahraini people through an interactive display and a firsthand experience of the local crafts.

6. UAE- Rich Culture and Bright Future


The eye-catching structure of the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates is shaped like a falcon! Covering four floors, the pavilion presents UAE as a global hub by highlighting the vision of its leaders to create a peaceful and progressive society with ambitious plans for the future.

7. The UK- Innovating for a Shared Future


The UK pavilion is your gateway to some fun with AI and space. The pavilion gives you a glimpse into the future of technology. You can add your voice to an ever-changing universal message that includes the voices of the guests as well as AI! It’s inspired by a project by Stephen Hawking. And you can pamper yourself by indulging in British culinary delights.


8. Finland- Sharing Future Happiness


Get a glimpse of the raw beauty of Finland and its sustainable technology at the Finnish pavilion. Check out the wooden gorge in the centre of the pavilion and spend a few minutes in peace. Take a look at the representation of the Arabic tent, made out of snow! Fascinating, right? An intriguing feature of this pavilion is the Finnish Majlis – a gathering place to connect minds.

9. Estonia- The Most Advanced Digital Society in the World


Discover Estonian society and see how it established digital solutions for daily life; nearly everything is online in this country! That’s not all! Taste authentic Nordic dishes with an Estonian twist and enjoy a stroll under awe-inspiring data clouds.