Difference between treatment programs for drug addiction

Alcohol Detox and Rehab Programs: What to Expect and How to Choose

There are many treatment programs for the treatment of drugs. Drug addiction has many levels, a person can be addicted to drugs and alcohol in a mild way, or they can be addicted to them in a moderate way, extreme way, and finally to a level which is called intense. Regardless of which way a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, there are only two ways to solve these addiction problems, for whatever reason it may be for, whether for drugs or alcohol.

As of this moment, there are only two main forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatments, they are the outpatient treatment program and the inpatient treatment program. These two programs are available and the differences between the two are quite a lot which you will need to understand before you go on to get treated for your drug addiction. It is better to be well-prepared and be in the know-how of the procedure for each treatment program. Therefore, if you want to get treated and want to know even more about the two treatment programs then see here for more information regarding the treatment programs.

The main differences between outpatient treatment program and inpatient treatment program.

1). Outpatient treatment program is for mild and moderate levels while inpatient treatment program is for extreme to intense levels. This is quite important to understand as it really differentiates between the two treatment programs as who they are addressed towards. Inpatient treatment program is more intense and has a lot more in-package services as compared to the outpatient treatment program.

2). Outpatient treatment program has less days of treatment as compared to inpatient treatment program. In inpatient treatment program, a person who has severe drug addiction levels is given a full, round the clock treatment with the help of nurses and medical health professionals such as psychiatrists, therapists, and other medical personals for the treatment. While outpatient treatment program only asks for the drug addict to come to the rehab facility 3 days a week or 5 days a week, they can even come 7 days a week depending upon what works for the patient and how much they really need it.

3). Outpatient treatment program gives more time to the patient to focus on other things in their lives while inpatient treatment program, for good reasons, cannot allow the patient to go about their daily tasks as the severity of the addiction is a lot and can become life-threatening if left alone. In outpatient treatment program, the patient can simply get their 2 hours of treatment and go back to their home and spend time with their family members. They can go to work and earn as well as go to school or college to complete their education while getting treated, but inpatient treatment patients cannot be allowed such liberty as they are going through extreme addiction treatment.

4). Outpatient program costs less as compared to the inpatient program. Outpatient does not require the patient to be admitted inside a rehab facility, instead the patient only has to come for a few hours and then go back to doing their daily tasks, while inpatient program requires the patient to be admitted inside a rehab facility for 30 to 90 days as long as the treatment shows some results.

5). Both outpatient program and inpatient programs have intensive variants. In case the basic versions such as the outpatient rehab program and inpatient rehab program do not work, the intensive variants known as intensive outpatient program and intensive inpatient programs can be utilized to increase the level of treatment.