Tesla Becomes the Most Selling Car in Norway, 9 of 10 Best-Selling Vehicles are Electric

As the world makes an imminent shift towards a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel, several countries are pushing for the sales of electric vehicles in the form of subsidies and heavy investments in EV charging infrastructure. In the same breath, recent data by Clean Technica showing vehicle sales in Norway from January to August suggests that nine out of the 10 top-selling cars were either electric or hybrid.

The Tesla Model 3 dominated the chart with a huge margin with 11,517 models being sold in seven months. The data also suggested that out of the 7,251 Volkswagen Golf models that make up for the second position, a majority were e-Golfs. The Nissan LEAF, BMW i3 took up the third and fourth spot with 4,182 and 3,664 models respectively. While the Toyota RAV4 ranked fifth, the rest of the four positions were filled by Mitsubishi Outlander (Mostly PHEV), Audi e-Tron, jaguar i-Pace, Hyundai IONIQ (mostly EV) and Hyundai Kona (mostly EV).

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Pollution from automobiles has majorly contributed to the rising pollution around the world. Keeping in mind the same, a majority of countries around the world have begun their push towards a sustainable and clean alternative for gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. In June this year, Ireland announced that it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. The government hopes to have 950,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads by then, supported by a network of charging stations. The measure is one of 180 proposals covering business, construction, transport, agriculture and waste management intended to put Ireland on a path to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.