How Dance and Performance Can Bolster Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Dance and performance have long-been seen as something for only fitness-minded people with loads of already-present, already-perfected talent. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Dance and performance are for anyone of any size and talents; ergo, if you have the interest, it’s something you should absolutely pursue.

Dance and performance can build confidence and self-esteem—but how? Read on.

Being Active Gives You a Natural Boost of Energies, Endorphins, and Dopamine, Leading to a Happier, Healthier You

Exercise is more for the health of your interior, both mind and organs, than it is for the health and aesthetic of your exterior. When you’re active, especially with something you love to do, your brain releases a natural boost of energy, dopamine, and endorphins—i.e. all the things that equal a stellar mood. Ultimately, this mixture of good vibes leads to a happier, healthier you for hours after you’ve danced and performed.

When You Feel Strong and Healthy, Your Mood is Often Reflective

Good physical health often lends to good mental health. Ergo, your mood is reflective of how you feel on the inside and outside. If your heart feels strong and healthy, your mind and feelings are likely to follow.

Mastering Dance Moves and Learning to Do New Things with Your Body is Inspiring

There’s nothing quite like pushing your body to the limits and beyond. When you first dance, it’s jumbled and jerky. With that, those movements become graceful and smooth. You can transition easier from one dance step to another, memorizing a whole routine in as little as an hour. It’s amazing in and of itself. Dancing is a masterpiece, and when you learn to do new things, you become an inspiration to others with the same goals.

Hearing Praise and Feedback for Your Accomplishments, like Performance and Dance, is Motivating

Picture this—your performance begins with a limousine service Miami to the studio, where you dance beautifully and strongly in a recital that you’ve been practicing for months. It’s quite the accomplishment and you feel motivated and inspired as fans line up to give you positive feedback. This praise spurs you on to do better, learn more, and practice harder.