iPad mini review: The best small iPad you can buy this year

here’s simply no other device like iPad mini” when CEO Tim Cook introduced the all-new iPad mini. These were the exact words to describe the new product that has evolved in every way. I will talk in detail about what I mean when I say the evolution of the iPad mini.

But, before I start, first, I have to admit that the all-new iPad mini isn’t exactly the mini tablet it used to be a few years back. This year, the new iPad mini feels like a version of the iPad Air in a smaller body. Or, to say, the power of the iPad in its most portable form.

On paper, when you compare the iPad mini 6 or iPad mini 2021 to the iPad mini 2019, they are a class apart. The new iPad mini packs a larger display on a slightly smaller chassis that’s more manageable with one hand. Under the hood, there’s an A15 Bionic chipset that also powers the iPhone 13 series. The front camera is advanced with the Centre Stage feature that I’m already a fan of from the iPad Pro. I can keep going on. But I’ll cut right to the chase. Is the new iPad mini worth your money? That’s what I will try to answer here.

iPad mini review: The compact form factor is great

Out of all the iPads, the iPad mini has its own fan base, and that’s because of portability. Now, what Apple has done this year is, without increasing the physical footprint of the iPad mini, the company has fit it in a larger display than the 2019 model. And, while doing so, Apple has also removed the thick bezels around the display, thus offering more screen real estate – an arrangement that most iPad users would appreciate.

The iPad mini with the complete redesign where the display becomes the showstopper looks stunning. The narrow borders and elegantly rounded corners look superb. However, the most important point about the design is it still fits in the palm of your hand, so whether gaming, reading, browsing and more tasks can be performed with just one hand.

The design is thin and light. Something that most iPad users care about the most when we are talking about the mini model. Adding a bit of zing to the new iPad mini, Apple has launched four new colours – Space Grey, Pink, Purple, and Starlight. And, I got the Starlight colour for the review, which is slightly better than the boring Space Grey but not as cool as the Purple.