Top 30+ Technology News and Gadgets Blog Sites in the World

70 Tech Websites To Follow in 2021 to Stay Updated

So, it is important for us to be updated and informed with the hot and trending things happening in the world of technology and latest gadgets getting introduced to us every-new day!

As they are latest technology and gadgets are so much useful, we are using them for almost everything from computing, to data recording, health, fitness, as-well as to get entertained and informed.

There are many technology news and gadgets blog sites available on the Internet, dedicated to provide latest tech news, reviews, gadgets updates, and instructions on trending technology.

Top Technology News and Gadgets Blog Sites in the World

Some of the world’s top tech news and gadgets blog sites are listed below, for those who need to get everything interesting and useful from the technology and gadgets world.

1. is an online media portal that publishes latest reviews, product prices, news articles, blogs, forums, and podcasts videos on latest technology and consumer electronic goods globally.

2. provides latest breaking news, analysis, and research reports on latest tech trends, issues and events, for all your techno hunger, find gadget reviews, analyses, and read various articles by tech gurus.

3. is another popular online publisher of latest tech industry news analysis and trends. It’s a leading tech guide for all things related to technology where you can subscribe for free.

4. is another technology related website dedicated to publish various articles covering latest gadgets, designs, software and important news from science and technology industry.

5. is a popular web magazine and a multilingual tech blog network covering all technology news for latest gadgets and consumer electronic goods which you can subscribe for free.

6. is a leading website for latest news, tech gadget tips, and product reviews from the top experts on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices information you need to get the job done.

7. is another leading technology news and media network company which covers the future of science, technology, art and culture. You can subscribe for their original tech related news.

8. is another popular website for latest news, tech tips, and product reviews from the experts. It features Apple Macintosh reviews, advice, on buying gadgets, how-to articles, news and opinions.

9. is a popular website for in-depth coverage of current and future technology trends, and the ways they are shaping business, entertainment, science, communication, politics and other industries.

10. is a leading website where you will get complete guide for your PC computers, peripherals and system upgrades, and also get products reviews on computer, Internet, and services online.

11. is a monthly magazine about latest information on current science and technology. It carries popular science related content, which refers to tech articles for the general reader on the Internet.

12. is a weblog about life hacks and software which launched recently. It provides tech tips and tricks for living better in the digital age and where you can learn from computers to brewing coffee.

13. is a popular digital media web blog founded by Pete Cashmore. It’s a leading source for trending news, latest information & resources for the tech & gadget connected generation, that will have you learn everything about technology.

14. is another popular blog by The New York Times, that reports on the latest technology industry, including start-ups, the trending Internet, enterprise and latest techno gadgets for your great experience.

15. is a leading web blog that provides latest technology news, gadget reviews and product analysis, covering various web apps, trending web technology, social media networking and lots more.

16. is another leading blog to get the latest technology industry news articles about the web’s top trends, get to know about innovative technologies, high-tech devices, and current technology analysis.

17. would become your favourite guide in modern tech & Gadget. You could learn how to make use of latest tech and gadgets around you and let you discover the cool stuff on the Internet too.

18. the most popular Professional Computers enthusiast’s resource. It powers users and the tools they love, without computing religion to make you learn easily about latest tech & gadgets.

19. brings the tech news that matters to you, it is the leading source for technology news & perspective on tech & gadget innovation. They give you resources to help execs, entrepreneurs, & tech enthusiasts make smart decisions.

20. is a leading source of latest technology news and gadget analysis. It provides latest news articles, tech tips and tricks for living better in the digital age and where you can learn everything about tech & gadget news.

21. is another great place for technology news, gadget reviews and analysis. It is read daily by tech enthusiasts, computer powered users and decision makers from IT around the world everyday.

22. provides tech news, reviews & product analysis, where you will get the latest tech news, product reviews and gadget analysis from the most respected and informed journalists in technology and media.

23. is a popular and can be your premier source for latest technology news and unmatched expert product reviews of gadgets, laptops, smart mobile phones and lots more.

24. provides new and emerging technology news and articles that covers the full spectrum of trending technologies, gadgets invention, techno innovations, and breaking science news from around the globe.

25. is a coolest gadget magazine, offering a web base tech & gadget digital magazine, they are always looking for coolest gadgets, designs, styles, accessories and lots more that will make you technologically amazed.

26. is another cool tech and gadget blog that delivers straight-forward news and analysis of the electronics gadgets you ever love and the ones that you ever love to hate through their awesome blog contents.

27. is a popular source for breaking Apple iPhone, Mac and iPad news network all day. You will get breaking news and tech reviews for Apple gadgets, apps, and trending rumors for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

28. is another popular website that basically aggregates latest Apple and Mac related news, rumors, and various reports so you can learn more about everything tech and your favorite gadgets.

29. is an awesome tech and gadget blog that feeds gadget and tech obsessions, by covering technology news and gadget reviews, by curating the latest and greatest news for digital lifestyles.

30. is another latest technology news & blog website providing  deep technology content, tutorials, discussion and analysis of emerging and core computing technology.

31. is another cool weblog for technology news & reviews. Here you can find latest technology news and gadget reviews, that covers computing, gadgets, home entertainment systems, and lots more.

32. is a popular service magazine blog that covers a variety of information on technology, computers, gadgets, electronics, automobiles, home improvement, and various other stuffs that will make you amazed.

33. is another website in the list of popular tech & gadget news that provides daily technology insight for the enterprises, through business technology, IT news, product reviews and enterprise IT strategies.

34. is another tech & gadget websites that also covers a wide range of technology topics, including software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers and lots more from computer world.

35. is the last in this list of popular tech & gadget website that is providing source for latest technology and trending gadget related news dedicated towards Linux and Open Source issues.

Those are the some of the most popular technology news and gadgets blog sites from around the world are there to let you learn and discover everything about trending tech, and latest gadgets.

Head on to those places for learning more about tech gadgets, laptops, desktop computers, printers, storage devices, and other cool stuffs you love to use!

And, also let me know if there is something you need to share about these tech news sites and gadgets blogs on the internet.