vivo phone codenamed “The Waterdrop” is coming soon with a unique design

Last year vivo’s NEX smartphones took the world by storm with their slim bezels and motorized selfie cams, and the company doesn’t plan on sitting still this year either. According to a series of new rumors out of China, vivo is working on a new smartphone codenamed “The Waterdrop” which will have a very unique design.

The tipster sharing the info says it’s guaranteed that you “have never seen a similar phone design”, noting that it’s the first time in history when a manufacturer tries something like this. What “this” is, that’s another question.

vivo vivo
vivo “The Waterdrop” leaked renders

The looks are said to be inspired by the cosmic detector in the novel Three Body. The two images you see above purportedly show bits and pieces of the handset, but they’re too vague to form any solid opinions on. Still, is that glass that ‘spills’ from the front to the back of the device with only the mid-sections of the sides not connected? Could the screen ‘spill’ in such a manner too? Intriguing questions, for sure.

Hopefully this isn’t just needless hype and “The Waterdrop” will actually “subvert people’s past perception of smartphones”, as the tipster puts it. Let’s wait and see.