More Nokia 9 case renders solidify penta-camera design

We are getting closer to the Nokia 9 becoming more than vaporware. Although still without official acknowledgement from the phone maker, a supposed Nokia 9 is said to feature a penta-camera setup that might carry Nokia’s “PureView” branding to the next level.

Today, a new case render leak shows us a couple more angles of the alleged Nokia 9. The renders are in line with previous case images that we’ve seen. All renders have seven holes: enough for five cameras, one flash, and one for optic sensors. There’s also a mic-hole just above penta-cam setup in these new renders and previous ones.

Alleged case renders Alleged case renders Alleged case renders
Alleged case renders

These renders don’t actually show the front of the device, which we’ve only seen from the supposed OnLeaks render. But with a new set of renders in line with previous case leaks, we might be looking at the final design of the Nokia 9. Even though we’ve seen cases have a cutout that looks to be for a 3.5mm headphone jack, the render has only a mic-hole whose case cutout might be confused for a headphone jack.

Back in November, a full CAD render of the Nokia 9 leaked and for all we know, these renders could be based solely on those renders and not an actual Nokia device. In any case, a real Nokia 9 device should be coming soon since three models were officially certified for Bluetooth.