Digital Learning Futures; Mind the Gap

Ever since technology has started progressing at a fast pace, keeping up with it has been quite troublesome. Every day, either the hardware or the software of a gadget is updated and its features are enhanced, making way for more learning and in some cases even confusion. Although the younger generation is well equipped with the latest technology, it can be a hurdle for some who belong to the Generation X, and even early years of Generation Y. That obstacle comes into limelight the most when they are faced with a new piece of equipment or program that requires being operated by them.

For the corporate sector to move on smoothly, it is necessary that their employees know all progressions related to their field. This is because organizations cannot be left behind due to innovation and technology, and this puts the responsibility on the employees to stay up to date with all the recent development in the innovation sector. Employees must be willing to comply with the technology that is being introduced to the business. Here are a few methods on how you can bridge the gap between the technology and the people that are in your organization.

AI Tools:

The thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it has the power to understand commands in a much better way than any other machine. AI technology has already expanded its reach to the industrial sector where machines are equipped with smart technology and are able to perform better than manual labor. The corporate sector is also getting advancements in terms of AI which are incorporating financial chatbots and robot consultants that are able to reply to the people’s queries a lot quickly. To make your employees understand the working of these tools, you must have them communicate with these chatbots. This way the human respondents that are controlling the bots are also able to receive instant feedback while the employees of your organization would know how to deal with the customer to whom the chatbots could not provide sufficient information.

Voice Controlled Gadgets:

Although the voice recognition devices still haven’t developed enough to solve corporate issues on their own the information that they provide can be used by your employees to educate themselves. Devices like Amazon Echo have been equipped with the intelligence to carry out complicated tasks and can easily assist people in various tasks. For instance, an employee could be stuck in a situation that needs technical help or the software is not responding immediately. In this case, the voice-controlled gadgets can be used to ask questions about the issue and then the gadget’s narration can lead the employee to the solution of the problem.

Digital Courses:

One of the best things that your employees can benefit from is the fact that you provide them with digital courses. Courses regarding the latest advancement in technologies can be very helpful in understanding things that are really changing over a short span of time. Furthermore, you as a leader can also gain some new knowledge while your employees will also get a chance to work together due to this learning environment. These digital courses are always updated in regards to the latest advancements and are a reliable source of information.

Digital Transactions:

Digital transactions although have been around for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped evolving. Some drastic changes have taken place in the methods of transaction digitally, which includes digital wallet and person to person online payments. Using such transaction methods will require your employees to be well equipped with technology which will only increase their familiarity with other gadgets. This will also enable your business to be more open to other forms of payments with regards to your clients and the methods will be a lot quicker than the traditional exchange of funds.

Any employee of yours lacking in the knowledge of how things are done using the latest gadget can gain expertise through these advises and perform a lot better and at a much quicker pace. Companies of today are in dire need of advancements as that is the only option that will make them capable of competing in this modern world. The world is progressing and technology is the only way forward to it.