Know All About First National Bank Of Gordon

First National Bank of Gordon is a national bank settled in Gordon, NE with roughly $200 million of complete resources. This bank of Gordon works a solitary branch and one ATM in Gordon. First National Bank of Gordon is completely possessed by the Isham Management Company.

It is a one-bank holding organization settled in Gordon. The bank has no members and has had no consolidation or obtaining action during the appraisal time frame. Since 2011, this Bank of Gordon has been confirmed as a minority-claimed bank and partakes in the Minority-Owned Deposit Program.

Gordon’s First National Bank fills in as the essential monetary foundation for the Oglala Sioux Tribe situated on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

An Overview Of The First National Bank of Gordon:

First National Bank of Gordon

The strength of this National Bank of Gordon comes from establishes planted at the beginning of 1889. As of now, a northwestern Nebraska family claims and controls the Bank under a solitary bank holding organization.

This bank offers a variety of administrations. Choices are made locally by people focused on the turn of events and improvement of the region. The First National Bank in Gordon works like a bank. The Company offers…

  • Checking and investment account
  • Charge and Visas
  • Protection
  • Advances of safe store boxes
  • Wire moves
  • Cash orders and also
  • Give internet banking administrations
  • This Bank of Gordon serves clients in the United States
                                     Valuable Details Of The Bank
Name Off The BankFirst National Bank of Gordon (FNB Gordon)
Holden ByIsham Management Co
ConcentrationAgricultural Specialization
FDIC Certificate No.5410
Charter ClassCommercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
Number of Branches1 (One)
Address134 North Main Street, PO Box 290
ZIP Code69343
Fax No.308-282-1103
Phone No. 308-282-0050

Products & Services Of The First National Bank of Gordon:

First National Bank of  Gordon offers conventional banking items however is principally an agribusiness and also buyer loan specialist. As of December 31, 2019, the bank’s advance portfolio added up to $109 million.

By volume, the bank’s credit portfolio is included essentially of farming land and also creation advances, which all-around $80 million. Business advances all-around $16 million, advances to people absolute $6 million, and also different credits involve the leftover $7 million.

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The bank’s chosen evaluation territory remembers the entirety of Sheridan and also Cherry provinces for Nebraska, and also all of Oglala Lakota and Bennett. And also a part of Jackson areas in South Dakota. In any case, Jackson County is considered considerably past the state limit.

Thusly, the bank’s assigned AA doesn’t meet the necessities of the guideline. For the motivations behind this CRA assessment, and also the bank’s appraisal region was adjusted to adjust to the guideline. The bank’s changed AA for this assessment and also remembers all statistics parcels for

  • Sheridan
  • Cherry
  • Oglala Lakota, and
  • Bennett provinces.

What Is A Routing Number In The First National Bank Of Gordon?

First National Bank Of Gordon routing number

Your First National Bank of Gordon’s routing number is a 9-digit code that you use to recognize a monetary organization in an exchange. It also depends on the area of the bank where you have opened your record.

It is likewise alluded to as an RTN, a routing travel number, or an ABA routing number and can be effectively be found imprinted on the base left half of your check.

You can likewise discover your routing number in your internet banking entryway. The most well-known kinds of experienced exchanges are ACH and also wire moves.

A few banks and also monetary foundations as a rule have various routing numbers filling various needs, topographical locales, and also branches.


The Federal Reserve Banks require routing numbers to handle Fedwire finances moves and the ACH network expects them to deal with electronic supports moves (for instance direct stores and bill installments).

Rating And Reviews:

First National Bank of Gordon got an “Extraordinary” rating on its past CRA assessment and it also was dated January 21, 2015. And thus, there were no legitimate, monetary, or different variables blocking the bank’s capacity; as well as to help meet the credit needs in its AA during the assessment time frame.