Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co. | Company Details

Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co. was founded in the year 1931 and then was developed by Traveler’s Insurance. The insurance company doesn’t seem to have its private website, nor is there any actual info obtainable regarding services or products.

Head offices of Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co. are recorded as the similar Hartford, CT address as the head office for Travelers. It’s probable that this minor insurance corporation has been nearly fully engrossed in the parental corporation, as they don’t seem to have any diverse operations. So, let’s now know in details about the Charter Oak Insurance Co. below

Summary Of Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co.

Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co

Charter Oak Fire Insurance  is a Stock corporation that was combined in 1931-04-29. The Fire Insurance firm is a Casualty & Fire insurance corporation and also has properties of 865,457,244, principal of $4,200,000, as well as net excess of $217,754,320.

The head of the Fire Insurance Co. is Brian William Maclean, the banker, and also the secretary. This Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. plans include Auto Insurance, Airplane Insurance, Business Insurance, Boat Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance.

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A quest for simply the name Charter Oak Fire Insurance firm comes up with various claims on record against the company. Some are different companies and also some consumer claims. While none have all the earmarks of being major, it could be a factor in the company’s close complete assimilation by Traveler’s.

Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. is situated in Hartford, CT, as well as the contact number for the Charter Oak Fire Protection Co., claims, service, customer, and also some added info, is (860) 277-0111.


President Of The CompanyBrian William Maclean.
Address Of The CompanyOne Tower Square
ZIP Code06183
Toll-Free Number(800) 238-6208
Phone Number(860) 277-0111
Year Founded1931-04-29

Charter Oak Products

There is very little evidence accessible for this corporation. Everything we’re able to acquire about Charter Oak Fire protection firm is that they inscribe fire as well as auto insurance plans.

As they don’t have their own website, we’re incapable to locate a complete list of their offered products. However, we are listing down a few products below…

Quotes For Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co.

In case you previously have the Charter Oak Fire Protection Co’s quotes then ensure that you equivalence your mentioned Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. policies with different prices from various other topmost protection corporations. So that you can also discover the best insurance policy for your requirements.

Rates and Also Claims Of Charter Oak Fire Insurance

As a piece of Traveler’s, Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. claims are likely dealt with through the parent company’s cases division, despite the fact that we can’t discover confirmation of this.

The Traveler’s site doesn’t make reference to Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. at all regarding claims. Additionally, we can’t give any rate data to this company because of an absence of data.

Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. has recorded as another business name of Traveler’s Insurance on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, however, doesn’t have its very own BBB posting.

Explorers, a tremendous company, has an A+ rating and also has 333 complaints in the previous three years. So, it is extremely unlikely to advise which complaints might be identified with Charter Oak Fire Protection Co. assuming any.


There isn’t a great deal of data on this company, and also everything focuses on the parent company, Travelers. So, it is far-fetched that much assuming any, new business is being written in the Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co. name today.