Compal Information (Kunshan) co. ltd. Company Profile

Established In: 2003 Compal information (Kunshan) co. ltd.

C.E.O: Chung-Pin Wong

Item Type: Appliances and Electronics Computer Hardware

Parent Organization: Compal Electronics

Head Quarters: Kunshan Export Processing Zone, No. 25, third Avenue, Kunshan, Jiangsu 215300

Compal Information (Kunshan) co. ltd. is a hardware maker. The Company plans to make and circulate PCs and correspondence gear. Compal Information Kunshan markets its items fundamentally all through the homegrown China market with limited export.

Company Background Of Compal Information (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.:

  • Compal Electronics is a main Taiwanese PC creator, with resources adding up to over $11 billion. It fabricates journals, cell phones, and fluid gem show items.
  • The organization supplies PCs to such enormous name customers as Dell and Lenovo Group. It has a business presence in terrain China, the U.S., Vietnam, Brazil, Poland, and Mexico, and has in excess of 6,000 representatives.
  • As a component of Compal’s endeavors to extend, the organization has been moving endlessly from its center PC business and wandering into the mechanical PC and cell phone areas. Compal apparently helps produce Apple’s iPads, just as cell phones for such organizations as HTC and Sony.
  • It has likewise attempted to differentiate into different fields through takeovers. In 2014, it obtained a minority stake in Taiwanese mechanical and inserted PC-producer Avalue Technology to take advantage of the medical care and associated gadget areas.
  • The organization was set up by the Hsu family in 1984. Executive Rock Hsu likewise fills in as director of in excess of 30 innovation organizations in Taiwan, including Kinpo Electronics, AcBel Polytech, and Vibo Telecom.

Business Summary:

Compal Electronics, Inc. participates in the examination, improvement, plan, creation, and offer of processing, interchanges, and customer items.

Its items incorporate scratch pad PCs, fluid precious stone presentation items, savvy gadget, ultrabook laptops, 2-in-1 computers, across the board computers, tablet computers, workers, auto hardware, keen home items, public showcases, advanced cells, shrewd adornment, and wearable gadgets. The organization was established by Chau Ing Hsu on June 1, 1984, and is settled in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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