How Much Businesses Should Pay Bloggers

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If you want to hire a blogger to write content for your business’ blog, then you need to be prepared to pay that blogger. The amount that you pay the blogger can vary significantly depending on your requirements as well as the blogger’s experience and abilities.

Blogger Pay Based on Business Requirements

The more you expect a blogger to do, the more you can expect to pay that blogger to write for your business blog. The reason is simple: the more the blogger has to do, the longer it takes her to complete the project, and she should be compensated adequately for her time.

The following requirements can increase the amount you can expect to pay a blogger to write your business blog:

  • Write posts of a certain minimum length
  • Research post topics or come up with topics on her own or if you plan to provide post topics and information
  • Find and include images in the post
  • Include a specific number or set of links in posts
  • Categorize and tag posts
  • Use any plugins that add time to creating a post
  • Promote posts and drive traffic to them
  • Moderate comments
  • Respond to comments

Bottom-line, any activities related to writing, publishing, and managing posts on your business blog take time, and you’ll need to pay more for them.

Blogger Pay Based on Experience and Skills

As you might expect, a blogger with years of experience and a deep skill set will charge a higher rate than a blogger with few skills and little experience. That’s because the highly skilled and experienced blogger should make more per hour than a novice should. Of course, with a higher skill level and experience level typically comes higher quality writing, a better understanding of blogging and social media, a better understanding of blogging tools, and often a higher likelihood of reliability and autonomy because that blogger has a reputation to maintain.

Common Blogger Pay Rates

Some bloggers charge by the word or by the post while others charge by the hour. Highly experienced bloggers know how long it will take them to write a post and are likely to charge a flat fee once they know the requirements of the job.

You can expect blogger fees to run the gamut from dirt cheap ($5 per post or less) to very expensive ($100 or more per post). The key is to evaluate the blogger’s fee against her experience and skills to make sure the investment is worth it based on your business goals. Also, remember that you often get what you pay for. Dirt cheap might mean poor quality. However, there are many people who are capable of creating quality content for a lower price because they’re just getting started in the world of professional blogging. You might just get lucky and find that person!

Furthermore, remember that a blogger with extensive knowledge about your business, industry, or blog topic can bring a lot of value to your blog, and it’s likely she’ll charge a premium fee for that knowledge. However, that means less time spent on your part training, hand-holding, answering questions, and so on. Depending on your reasons for hiring a blogger, that knowledge and experience could make a higher pay rate worth it to you.