Reasons for addiction to harmful drugs

Drug Dependence: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook

Sometimes there are no reasons for drug addiction. Drugs are made in such a way that they have a good effect on the body and can heal the body in however way it is in pain. When someone has a headache, they take a paracetamol and it cures their headaches after a while. The same is the case with other medicines. When you take medicines that are legal, which means that are prescribed medicines, they won’t do any harm to you, because their dosage is controlled and they won’t make you addicted to the drugs. The drugs that are illegal can do that, illegal drugs have a higher chance of making you addicted because of how they are made. Just one take of such drugs which are heroin, cocaine, LSD, weed etc. can make you addicted to them because of their chemical structure and how intense they are made to get that psychedelic effect in just a matter of minutes, but it brings several health risk issues with it which you do not want to be a part of as it has made people lose their lives through drug overdose of loss of self-control which made them do things they were not aware of.

People get addicted to drugs because of many reasons, these reasons can be very upsetting but they exist and they are a part of the addiction problem. Some might want to go against these reasons but they are the following:

People get addicted to illegal drugs due to media.

The media showcases in news channels and in various ads that drugs are bad but at the same time we see these “you only live once” lifestyle being portrayed through TV shows and movies. When people see fictional characters doing drugs for “fun”, they want to try them too. Movies and TV shows can greatly inspire a young adult and the most impressionable age is from age 5-18 when the child is growing up. So, being subjected to media that has drugs in it and the characters are having fun and partying can make the people watching the show or movie to want to try it. And when they try it, they can get addicted to cocaine and weed. Weed is something that is the most commonly shown illegal drug in numerous media along with alcohol. So, media is partly to blame for drug addiction to harmful drugs.

To numb their pain.

There are many hardships that one goes through life where they are extremely vulnerable and alone. This can happen when someone loses their loved one, or someone loses their pet, or their job that helped them feed and feel like they had a stake in this world. The situational and emotional reason can be anything important to the person, and once that is taken away, the pain cannot be replaced, some people resort to illegal drugs to make them feel something else other than pain, and they go and do weed, cocaine, heroin, LSD etc. all the drugs that make the body lose the connection to the mind. This can become a big addiction if this carries on which can put the person’s life at a huge risk.

Because of peer pressure.

Peer pressure can make us do things that we never wanted to do in the first place. Students and office colleagues mostly resort to this, in order to seek validation and acceptance, people do drugs to be considered “cool”, some people only do drugs because they do not want to be bullied by the people.

All of these situations are understandable and can be hard, but a smart choice other than these options is always available, it is to have self-control and doing the right thing by going to a therapist at a rehab center to learn about addiction and have a safe space to talk about this. One shouldn’t resort to the first emotion that comes to their mind when it comes to drugs, they should talk to a professional before trying anything. If you want to talk to a professional about it, then Click here.