8 Strategies That Never Fail in Winning a Rummy Card Game

If there is a card game enthusiast in India, he must know Indian Rummy. Being the most popular card game of India, it is not surprising that people always want to learn new ways to winning this old game. Rummy card games are pretty simple and if you take a little effort, winning the game is no big deal. Here we have shared some exciting strategies that never fail in rummy. These simple tricks and tactics can assure victory for you in rummy card games. So, here are 8 exciting ways to conquer the rummy card game:

Arrange the Cards in a Proper Fashion

Most rummy players do not realise how important it is to arrange cards in a proper fashion. It can assist memory and ensure you play the right moves. Good players arrange cards in a proper fashion before starting to play their favourite card game. Here is how they go about arranging the cards in order:

  • They arrange the cards that are to be disposed to one extreme of the hand. Each time it is their turn, they know which cards to throw away while picking a card.
  • They arrange the jokers to the other end of the hand. Whenever they need to complete an artificial sequence, they just pick a card from this extreme end and fill in the space.
  • The human attention is always focussed at the centre of the hand. This is the reason why this visual space is occupied by the action cards. These are cards in rummy that are in action. Incomplete sequences and melds occupy the centre of a rummy player’s hand.

So, next time you receive your cards in rummy, don’t forget to arrange them in this order.

Keep Track of the Cards Opponent Disposes

In rummy, you need to pay attention not just to your moves but also to the moves of the opponent. This is because the opponent moves can tell you much about how his game is progressing. It can also give you a fair idea on how to prevent your opponent from winning the game. All this may sound difficult to grasp. Here we have shared some key secrets that are revealed through opponent moves in rummy. Just have a look:

  • When the opponent disposes joker cards, it could imply two things. One possibility is that the opponent is not paying attention to his moves. Since joker is a card that can be used to complete any sequence or meld except the pure sequence, no good rummy player would dispose off a joker. Moreover, you may pick a disposed joker and use it to complete your sequences and melds. The other possibility is that your opponent has too many jokers in his hand. This is preventing him from completing his natural sequence. He is disposing the joker to increase his chances of completing the pure sequence.
  • When the opponent disposes high point cards, he maybe trying to reduce the overall points in his hands.
  • When the opponent disposes low point cards, it is time for you to be alert. The opponent maybe close to completing his hands. That is the reason why the cards he is disposing are low point cards. If you have still not completed your life at this point, it makes sense to choose second drop inorder to reduce the points you lose.

Be Careful as You Pick Cards from the Disposed Pile

You should never underestimate the opponent. Just as you observe the opponent moves, the opponent maybe observing your moves too. That is why you need to be careful while picking cards from the disposed pile. It is best to avoid picking cards from the disposed pile till your life is formed. This will prevent the opponent from having any idea about your cards.

Maintain Multiple Options for Completing the Pure Sequence

In all variations of rummy card games, the natural or pure sequence holds utmost importance. It decides whether your life is complete or not. In series rummy card games, this also decides how many points you have in your hand. That is why all good players maintain multiple options for completing their sequences.

For example, if you hold 6 and 8 of hearts to complete a sequence, only 7 of hearts can complete this sequence. This means you are awaiting one unique card to complete your sequence. This isn’t wise. A better option would be to hold two consecutive cards like the 6 and 7 of hearts. This means, 5 of hearts or 9 of hearts will complete your sequence. This opens multiple options for you. Make sure you have more such sequence options if you wish to increase your chances at winning the game.

Focus Your Attention on Completing the Life

The focus of every rummy player should first be on completing life. It is similar to financial planning where we focus our attention on vital expenses first. We think about making investments only once our basic needs are met. Till the life is completed, your hand is counted as a full hand. It is vital that you complete your life so that the overall points being counted are reduced. Think of reducing the points in your hand only once your life is complete.

Be Willing to Quit If Needed

All expert rummy players know this as a fact. If need arises, they must quit the game. That is the reason why Khelplay Rummy app also offers first drop and second drop options to the players. If you get a hand that is really poor, you can quit the game right at the start. This is referred to as first drop and minimum points are charged for this. If you start playing and at some time realise you may have a full hand while the opponent wins, you can still quit. This is referred to as second drop and the points charged are double that charged during first drop.

Make Wise Use of Jokers in the Hand

Jokers in rummy are extremely useful. They can be used to complete any meld or sequence except for the pure sequence. There are three types of jokers in rummy. The joker cards available in the pack are used as jokers in rummy. Some people may use blank cards as jokers in rummy. Apart from these, the player next to the dealer has the opportunity to pull out ‘pulled-out’ jokers. If the player pulls out an Ace of Hearts, all ‘A’s are treated as jokers.

Always Keep Track of the Points in the Hand

In all series rummy card games, points matter a lot. That is why a prudent rummy player will always keep an eye on the points in the hand. Each time you pick a card, you must dispose a card of high points in order to reduce points in the hand. It is also a great idea to dispose off picture cards that do not form any sequences or melds. Make sure that in each move you play, either you complete a sequence/meld or atleast reduce the points in the hand.

Try out these strategies next time you play rummy card games. If you wish to practice rummy, all you have to do is install the Khelplay Rummy app on your mobile phone. Choose practice chips and enjoy unlimited rummy fun. This way you will master the game sitting at home.